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Ro is a telehealth company offering prescription and over-the-counter treatments for weight loss, hair loss, sexual health, and more. Here’s our detailed review of their services, pricing, pros and cons.

Ro is telehealth company offering services for individuals with a number of common health concerns, including erectile dysfunction (ED), fertility, hair loss, weight loss, and acne, among others. While widely known for its men’s health offerings, Ro has more recently added GLP-1 drugs including Wegovy and Ozempic to its offerings.

The platform provides ongoing care, so people can message a Ro doctor anytime if they have questions about their treatment. Ro ships prescriptions and products discreetly to a location of the customer’s choice.

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Ro’s services are for adults who wish to speak with a doctor virtually. This may be a convenient option for those who cannot easily access in-person appointments due to long wait lists, location, finances, or health.

According to the website, Ro’s services are available to those who have seen a doctor in person within the last 3 years. However, the company does not provide information on how it confirms when a person last saw a doctor.

Those without access to the internet will not be able to use Ro. The service is also unsuitable for people needing emergency medical care. Those that need emergency help should call 911.

These are the services that Ro offers as of 2024:

Sexual health

Ro can provide treatment for people with sexual health concerns including:

Doctors specializing in sexual health may prescribe different medications depending on the individual’s symptoms. These may include:

  • Sildenafil: This is the generic version of Viagra. It can help individuals get an erection. Pricing starts at $4 per dose.
  • Benzocaine: Roman Swipes are 4% benzocaine wipes designed to treat premature ejaculation. Pricing starts at $2.75 per swipe or $22 per month.
  • Valacyclovir: This oral tablet is the generic version of Valtrex. It treats genital herpes. Pricing starts at $14 per dose.

Hair and skin

Ro offers treatments for the following skin and hair conditions:

Individuals needing treatments for hair or skin problems may receive any of the following medications and products:

  • Custom Rx Treatment: This plan includes prescription skin care that the company customizes for a person’s skin type and goals. People can choose an Enriching Cream to hydrate the skin, an SPF Lotion, or a Hydrating Cleanser. The Custom Rx Treatment costs from $58 every 2 months.
  • Minoxidil: This hair loss medication comes in oral and topical forms. It is the generic version of Rogaine and one of the main treatments for male pattern baldness. Pricing starts at $16 per month.
  • Finasteride: This is the generic version of Propecia. It is an FDA-approved medication that slows hair loss. It costs from $20 a month.

Weight loss

People who wish to engage in a weight loss program may benefit from Ro’s 12-month Body Program. This includes weight loss medication and one-to-one coaching.

Ro claims a person can lose 15% of their body weight on the program. This claim comes from the results of a 68-week clinical trial. It involved people without diabetes who used glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) medication and changed their diet and physical activity levels. However, Ro does not provide access to the study.

The plan pairs GLP-1 medication, which aims to reduce cravings, make people feel fuller, and help the body process sugars, with a year of coaching. Ro’s health coaches can offer support and advice on nutrition, sleep, exercise, lifestyle changes, and managing medication.

The GLP-1 medication Ro can prescribe includes:

Other features of the Body Program include:

  • a Withings Pro Body Scale
  • 24 live video sessions with a health coach
  • private messaging
  • step-by-step curriculum
  • an at-home metabolic test

The cost of the Body Program is $135 a month. The first month costs $99. The Body Program does not include the cost of medication, however a person can work with their insurance provider to cover it.

To use Ro, a person must answer a brief online questionnaire about their symptoms and medical history. If applicable, Ro will ask for photos to assess conditions like hair loss. A licensed doctor reviews this information and offers a personalized treatment plan. They will prescribe medication if an individual qualifies. Ro then ships a person’s treatment to a location of their choice in discreet packaging within 2 days.


  • licensed doctors
  • its doctors can treat an extensive range of common conditions
  • online consultations
  • convenient alternative to in-person appointments
  • 24/7 chat available with the medical team
  • discreet packaging on all shipments


  • customers regularly report shipping delays
  • it has a mixed online reputation
  • does not accept refunds or returns
  • unsuitable for emergency medical care
  • no guaranteed insurance coverage
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On Trustpilot, Ro has an average customer rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

67% of reviews at the time of publishing this article were 5 stars. Many people who rate Ro highly talk about the convenience and ease, along with the professional and personalized care they feel they received.

24% of reviews were 1 star, with many individuals talking about pricing concerns or lack of transparency on cost and billing.

How much Ro costs depends on the condition a person wants to address and the treatment they need or choose.

In most cases, the online visit is free.

The cost of products and medications varies widely. Some medications may cost from $4 per dose, while others can cost over $400. Prices for prescription medication can change regularly.

People new to Ro may get discounts on its services, and they can also work with their insurance provider to see if they will cover the cost of any services or medication they get through Ro.

You can get quick access to pricing on the Ro website.

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BrandSpecialization Conditions treatedPricing
Romale and female health• ED
premature ejaculation
birth control
• genital herpes
• weight loss
• cold sores
• hair loss
• fertility
• free online consultation
• prices vary for products
Lemonaid Healthmale and female health• ED
• premature ejaculation
• birth control
• genital herpes
• cold sores
• hair loss
• acne
high blood pressure
• mental health
acid reflux
sinus infections
• $25 for consultation
• prices vary for products
Nurxmale and female health• birth control
• genital herpes
• cold sores
• hair loss
• acne
• migraine
• mental health
STI testing
• $0-$59 for consultation
• prices vary for products
Himsmale health• ED
• premature ejaculation
• genital herpes
• weight loss
• hair loss
• acne
• mental health
• free online consultation
• prices vary for products

Ro is a legitimate company offering FDA-approved medication and appointments with licensed doctors. According to customer reviews, Ro’s services are helpful for people who wish to see a doctor online.

Ro has a mixed reputation online, with some customers claiming there are frequent problems with delivery. People interested in using Ro’s services may consider checking its Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot profiles.

Ro is a telehealth company that addresses male and female health concerns. The services may suit people who are experiencing common health concerns such as hair loss, erectile dysfunction, or obesity.

It offers free online consultations, but pricing may vary depending on the product a person buys.

Individuals who order medications from Ro typically receive their order in discreet packaging within 2 days.